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The Super Bowl. It’s a day when families, friends and communities across the country come together to eat, drink and cheer on their favorite team. It’s a festive day known for friendly bets, tense fourth quarters and high-priced ads that, for some, are more interesting than the game itself.

This year, the standard onslaught of heartwarming beer ads, funny car ads and sexy burger ads was joined by one very un-heartwarming, un-funny, and un-sexy ad by NoMore.org. But some have argued that it was the best of the year. In a 60-second PSA, the NFL-backed organization plays out a harrowing 911 call that’s based on a real call received by a 911 operator. The call transcript went viral earlier last year, so many might already be familiar with the story, but there’s something so haunting about hearing that desperately hidden plea for help that made people shut up and pay attention.

With all the off-the-field domestic violence trouble the NFL has been in this year, the motives behind this commercial—which was funded by the NFL—may seem cloudy. And some anti-domestic violence advocates are saying that the ad doesn’t do nearly enough to address the root problems at work here. Which might very well be the case.

But isn’t launching this conversation onto the 50 yard line of the most mainstream of national events a good place to start?

Check out the full 60-second ad below and go to NoMore.org to take a stand against domestic violence and sexual assault.




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4th of July fireworks

The peak in alcohol sales is trending back downward as states start lifting stay-at-home restrictions and we move into the re-opening phase. That’s the good news. Traditionally, July 4th is a big drinking day, so even with social distancing, for many around the nation, alcohol will be involved.

Here are some things to keep in mind:


June 18, 2020